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Wheel lift is key when towing! Make sure you have a secure tow strap to keep the wheel in place on your carrier or wrecker. There are several types available, however, when shopping for towing straps it is important to consider whether or not a particular strap is right for you. Look into the details about the weight limit on each tow strap to ensure you are not selecting one with a weight limit that is too low. It is just as important to have a few different types of tow straps on hand to be prepared for any situation.

A snap hook may be added to one end of the strap to ensure security and stability. Typically a strap with a snap hook will be used on Dynamics, Jerr-Dans and other light-duty carriers or wreckers. Besides the snap hook system, many carriers or wreckers can utilize an 8-point tie down system. This system allows for a vehicle to be tied down securely without the chance of any metal to metal contact to occur.

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All-Grip Cross Strap Wheel Lift Strap with D-Ring Cheveron Wheel Lift Strap with A-Hook
All-Grip Cross Strap
Our Price: $6.08
Wheel Lift Strap with D-Ring
Our Price: $6.14

Wheel Lift Strap with Sewn Loop Motorcycle Dolly Strap Kit 4 Foot Purple Round Sling
4 Foot Purple Round Sling
Our Price: $10.60
Wheel Lift Strap with Double-Finger Hook 26" Axle Strap Wheel Lift Strap with Snap Hook
26" Axle Strap
Our Price: $11.07
8 Foot Green Round Sling Rollback Strap & Ratchet Kit 14’ Long Strap w/Chain
8 Foot Green Round Sling
Our Price: $16.53
14’ Long Strap w/Chain
Our Price: $17.27
Strap with Cluster 2" Quick Pick Strap Wrecker Strap & Ratchet Kit
Strap with Cluster
Our Price: $18.16
2" Quick Pick Strap
Our Price: $19.31
Under Reach Strap 2" x 54" Car Carrier Strap Combo Jerr-Dan Element Strap
Car Carrier Strap Combo
Our Price: $33.08
Jerr-Dan Element Strap
Our Price: $38.48
V-Strap with Mini J-Hook & T-Hook V-Strap with Cluster Assembly Medium Duty Underlift Tie Down
V-Strap with Axle Links V-Strap with 15" J-hook abd J & T-Hook V-Strap with 8" J-Hook & T-Hook
V-Strap with Axle Links
Our Price: $64.64
V-Strap with 8" J-Hook & T-Hook
List Price: $80.00
Our Price: $67.50
Savings: $12.50
Under Reach Strap 3" x 64" V-Strap with 8" J-Hook and J & T-Hook V-Strap with 15" J-Hook
V-Strap with 15" J-Hook
Our Price: $76.92
Plasma Wheel Sling 1/2" Double Grommet All-Grip 8 Point Tie Down System Synthetic Plasma Wheel Sling 5/8
All-Grip 8 Point Tie Down System
List Price: $137.52
Our Price: $162.00
Heavy Shackle Kit Round Sling Kit Wreckmaster Heavy Duty Recovery Equipment Package
Heavy Shackle Kit
Our Price: $364.50
Round Sling Kit
Our Price: $714.15