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Lock Out Accessories and Equipment covers all your bases when you respond to calls. We offer air bags, wedges, sticks, and kits for all jobs you come across.
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Access Tools Lock Out Kit: All the tools you need to secure access to a locked vehicle.
Lock Out Kit
Our Price: $70.54

All in one, quick, easy car opening set. Includes a long reach tool, air wedge, and strap tool for vertical buttons, one hand jack for easy air wedge insertion, and a case that hooks onto the long reach tool to keep it all together!
Access Tools Air Jack
Access Tools Air Jack
Our Price: $31.73

Specially built for applying slow, damage-free pressure between auto doors and frames, the Access Tools Air Jack air wedge is perfect for professional lockout services. Ballistic nylon construction is durable yet gentle.

6" long by 5.5" wide.
Access Tools One Hand Jack Wedge
Access Tools One Hand Jack Tool
Our Price: $23.56

An upgrade to the traditional wedge; use this pry-style tool to create enough space to easily insert the Air Wedge without damaging the vehicle, or flip it over to use it's traditional wedge shaped handle. It uses a rubber pivot to provide leverage to create working room to insert the Air Wedge. After using this tool, you will never go back to a traditional wedge again.
Access Tools Remote Button Tool
Access Tools Remote Button Tool
Our Price: $33.01

The Button Master is a specialty long reach tool that is specifically designed for pulling up vertical buttons. Just loop around the vertical button and pull it up to open the car. Its that easy!
Access Tools Super Air Jack
Access Tools Super Air Jack
Our Price: $36.25

The Air Jack from Access Tools is the industries best. The bladder is made out of ballistic nylon, not rubber, which is important because rubber stretches, while the nylon wont. The Air Wedge is meant for smaller vehicles. To further aid insertion, there is a built in stiffener that prevents the wedge from bending when you insert it.
MCWS 3 Piece Lock Out Kit
MCWS 3 Piece Lock Out Kit
Our Price: $67.50

This 3-piece lock out kit has what you need to get into vehicles quickly and easily. First, an Access Tools Air Wedge, an Access Tools Plastic Wedge, and an Access Tools Super Snatcher Reach Tool. This all comes in a heavy-duty canvas bag to keep everything situated. Featuring the MCWS logo in white.